A brief Introduction of Audio issues

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A brief Introduction of Audio issues

Post  santoshsethia on Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:04 pm

Any technical issue related with vonage phone is getting resolved based upon the identification of the issue . say for example no dial tone, customer calls in and says that he is not getting any dial tone. we check the registration status from our end and easily locate the problem . for instance if the device is not registering with vonage we can say it is a device issue and if device is registering and still not getting dial tone , then we can easily say it might be an issued with phone or home wiring.
In the same way any issue related with the audio quality of the phone can be resolved by identifying the kind of audio issue it is. customer calls in and says he is having trouble with the audio quality , now it's our turn to find out what kind of audio issue it is so that we can give a proper solution.

To narrow down the issue we can divide the audio issue into two categories
1) Hardware related issues
2) Software related issues

Hardware related audio issue may be due to the basic hardware used in the customers premises . Echo, static , humming or buzzing noise are the issues mostly influenced by physical devices used by customer like routers, modem , switch, phone and phone cables etc

Issues such as choppy ,delayed, dropped audio can be considered as software related issues since software (mainly firmware) plays a major role in maintaining the quality.
It occurs due to improper firmware settings or outdated firmwares. voice packets( again a software) being blocked by firewalls of third party router. slow processing or extra processing of packets by devices in a network which results in latency. Improper handling of packets by the devices results in dropped packets are few of the things responsible for audio issues
To be continued with specific updates.........

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